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Best Deluxe Tour in Kashmir

Gulmarg is rightfully named the ‘meadow of flowers,’ and its title is well-deserved, given its awe-inspiring vistas. Nestled within lush green meadows, this quaint town is a true spectacle, especially during the spring season. However, it’s recommended to steer clear of using private vehicles due to the potentially hazardous winter roads. The standout attractions in Gulmarg include the exhilarating Gondola ride and the invigorating treks. Yet, the prime period to experience Gulmarg’s magic is undoubtedly during winter, when the entire landscape is blanketed under a velvety layer of snow. To reach Gulmarg from Srinagar, a convenient choice is either a bus or a taxi. For those seeking an extra dose of adventure, embarking on a brief and enjoyable trek to Alpather Lake from the Gondola Phase 2 station is an enticing option.

Gulmarg also boasts an expansive Golf Course with unique, asymmetrical contours, ranking among the country’s largest 18-hole golfing destinations and drawing enthusiasts from across India. Meanwhile, the crowning jewel of Sonamarg is undeniably the Thajjwas glacier, providing opportunities for activities like sledding and trekking. Notably, Zojila Pass and Zero Points within Sonmarg are elevated vantage points that offer entrancing panoramic views of the surroundings. Getting to this golden meadow is a matter of a short bus ride. For those seeking further trekking adventures, exploring Table Top in Sonmarg offers a panoramic view of the entire valley. Nevertheless, it’s wise to exercise caution during winters, as Sonmarg often shuts its doors to tourists due to heavy snowfall and the looming threat of avalanches. It’s advisable to consult with the locals before planning a trip to Sonmarg during this period.

Pahalgam’s ethereal beauty has made it a favorite backdrop for Bollywood movies. Set against the backdrop of majestic deodar and pine trees, framed by countless valleys, Pahalgam invites you to step into the role of the protagonist in your own story. Perfectly suited for adventure enthusiasts, Pahalgam offers an array of activities such as hiking, trekking, and fishing. Furthermore, Pahalgam serves as the starting point for the revered Amarnath yatra pilgrimage.

The town, renowned for its scenic splendor, is the crown jewel of the captivating Liddar valley. Baisaran, often referred to as “Mini Switzerland,” is a short pony ride away from Pahalgam, offering an ideal setting for a delightful picnic. The site is dotted with various food stalls, offering a range of delectable treats to relish with your companions.

The essence of Kashmiri cuisine lies in its harmonious blend of comforting and zesty flavors, leaving a lasting impression even after the meal is done. At the heart of Kashmiri culinary culture is the elaborate ‘Wazwan,’ a multi-course feast that serves as a testament to tradition. Predominantly centered around meat, particularly lamb or chicken, the Wazwan culinary experience is epitomized by signature dishes like Rogan josh—a fiery red lamb curry best savored with fragrant saffron rice. Another culinary delight, Yakhni, is a nourishing broth-based dish often used as a base for a variety of foods, including pulao and soups, appreciated for its healthful properties attributed to its curd-based gravy.

While in Kashmir, do not miss the opportunity to relish the locally brewed Kahwa or Kashmiri chai. This aromatic hot beverage, infused with saffron and embellished with an array of dry fruits, is not only a sensory delight but also celebrated for its digestive attributes, making it a perfect companion to the serene Kashmiri ambiance.

Kashmir’s fame extends to its exquisite handlooms and handicrafts. The intricate craftsmanship of shawls and textiles is a testament to the region’s rich cultural heritage. Passed down through generations, these pieces are cherished as family heirlooms, reflecting the artisanal legacy of Kashmir. The region also stands as a significant producer of grapes and apples in India. As you stroll through the streets, you’ll encounter local vendors offering the freshest and most flavorful fruits. Additionally, a treasure trove of dry fruits, including almonds, walnuts, cashews, and pine nuts, can be procured as thoughtful gifts for friends and family back home—at prices that are often pleasantly surprising when compared to Delhi.